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Telecom Wireless

Nokia/Sprint Project Coordinator  Chicago, IL  Posted: 12/19/2018
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Telecom Wireless

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Contract Full Time


  • Assists and supports Project* Management team in processes execution, implementing standard project management practices and tool management.
  • Responsible for specified project operational tasks, e.g. reporting,  document management, administrative tasks in relation to daily operations
(*)Project term will be used cover both project type work as well as Care & Network Service and Operations type of continuous customer delivery.
  • Projects – a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result
  • Care & Operate Programs – ongoing operations
Summary of key activities:
  • Provides support  to Program Management Planning and implementation of the Program Management Plan
  • Provides support by monitoring and providing required information related to the progress of the Service delivery.
  • Ensure that all documentation and information required for the Project has been set up and are available to the team.
  • Ensure that all tools have been set up and are available for the team.
Key activities description:
Program and Management planning and execution
  • Within specified process area(s)  participates to the Program planning, update and implementation of the plan
  • Supports facilitation of  the execution of specific Program management process(es), e.g. forecasting, scheduling, documentation, risk management
Monitoring & Controlling Project and Program* Execution
  • Monitoring Program Specific KPI’s
  • Supports in service demand forecasting
  • Supports in customer invoicing.
Documentation and information
  • Participates to Program documentation processes for the relevant parts, e.g. Manages Program Documentation library/-ies
  • Is responsible for reporting, information and data sharing for the project team  and relevant stakeholder teams (e.g. Logistics, F&C, external vendors etc)
  • Consolidates and ensures all Program information has been updated to enable generation of business reports.
Tool usage
  • Ensures data consistency and supports data entry collection in relevant tools.
  • End User support for tools used in Program
  • Customer contract and SLA information updating at appropriate tools
  • Maintenance of customer specific data at tools.
Program Management Team: Business and Operational Management roles (e.g. Program Business Manager, Project delivery Manager, Technical Manager, NOC Manager etc.), PMO Manager
Service Delivery Management Support Team: Project Procurement Manager, Project Engineers Logistics, Project Administrators, Tool Key Users and Regional support.

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