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Telecom Wireless

Real Estate Manager II  Bloomfield, CT  Posted: 2/21/2019
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Telecom Wireless

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Contract Full Time


At least 3 year relevant experience required. Manage and prioritize site acquisition vendors activities to meet leasing commitments. Manage project timelines, and monitor critical dates that impact the development cycle. Review all lease documents required for building and maintaining cell sites. Accountable for final lease terms and changes prior to execution by T-Mobile. Review lease, zoning and regulatory requirements to modify existing facilities. Develop business cases for the agreements that deviate from standard business and legal terms. Liaise with Legal Counsel to obtain alternate language for changes that deviate from the standard lease template. Provide direction to vendor for alternative approaches. Ensure each lease is compliant with T-Mobile standards by reviewing title reports and zoning ordinances. Work with environmental firms for regulatory compliance on all required approvals as necessary. Deliver presentations to cross-functional team and management at monthly meetings. Visit sites as needed with vendor for site design and negotiation matters. Participate in conference calls and meetings with landlords that request prohibitive terms, to attempt to improve the agreement in T-Mobile's favor. Manage site development finances by receiving invoices and reviewing for completion of task. Create reports to illustrate market statistics as needed. **NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PLACEMENT OTHER THAN ONSITE** 

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