Telecom Wireless

Utilities Coordinator  San Ramon, CA  Publicada el: 11/4/2019
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Telecom Wireless

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Contract Full Time


6+ Monhts


  1. Investigation of requirements
    1. Determine the application forms, procedures and requirements for submitting applications that are considered “incomplete”.
    2. Determine the manner of applications submittal (electronic / paper).
    3. Determine costs associated with applications all the way through approval
    4. Determine the services level commitment for the applications approval process
    5. Individual departmental review periods (processing application, estimating, site walks, contracts, meter set interval).
  1. Identification of A&E affecting requirements
    1. Is the power utility a sole owner of JPA member?
    2. Do they allow or restrict the placement of meters on their poles?
    3. If restricted, what manner of meter placement is allowed?
    4. Special construction requirements / material specifications / agreements or authorizations?
    5. Do they support wireless meters?  What amp rating?
    6. Do globe meters need to be “test bypass type”?
    7. Will they deliver power to municipally owned or ExteNet owned poles?
    8. Can meters be stealthed or concealed?
  1. Advise on design criteria
    1. Work with A&E companies to ensure application requirements are included correctly on the design prints
    2. Review and approve A&E designs for power submittal
  1. Preparation of submittal of applications
    1. ExteNet provided list of locations sorted by priority
    2. Applications on priorities to start within 30 days of start / 3 days of completed submittal design
  1. Application approval management & changes, up to contract issue
    1. Looking for you to aggressively push the power companies to keep applications on track
    2. Provide weekly reporting of applications, status, follow up’s and meetings
  1. Applications fees and other processing costs
    1. Application copies
    2. Application fee’s
    3. Pre-walk meetings