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Fiber Technician

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Pleasanton, CA

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Fiber Networks

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Permanent Placement

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Rotating Shift


The Fiber Technician will work with senior personal to install and repair fiber optic telecommunications systems and equipment throughout the Bay Area. 
  • Use appropriate hand and power tools to properly measure, cut, bend, assemble and erect all components necessary for lifting, moving, and installing plant materials in accordance with the applicable plans, specifications, codes, and industry standards.
  • Assist foreperson in the building of aerial plant to customer specifications to include framing poles, placing new strand, lashing new cable to bare strand, over lashing cable to existing strand and cable. 
  • Installing anchors and down guys, snowshoes, placing FST fiber terminals, grounding & bonding of strand, placement of riser guards, trimming trees, pulling of cable/fiber short distances in conduit, installing pole mounted cabinets, placing ground rods, and installing VGR's on poles, swapping lashers on poles either from a bucket truck or from hooks/ladders.
  • Connects wires and cables to terminals and attaches/detaches various kinds of hardware to wires, cables, building, or poles.
  • Repairs and maintains major cable/fiber system and structures such as broken lashing, replacing, or re-sagging aerial strand, pole transfers, down-guys, aerial to underground conversion, make ready, VGR's and all grounding and bonding functions
  • Operates power equipment such as compressors, pumps, blowers, hydraulic diggers, and hydraulic aerial bucket trucks
  • On call rotation responding and restoring services for emergency calls, responsible for being on the job at short notice to repair damaged cables until service is restored.



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