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Solar Construction Manager

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Hereford, TX

Job Category:

Renewable Energy

Position Type:

Permanent Placement




Help build the future of renewable energy as a Solar Construction Manager.

The Construction Manager will be the primary site representative for Recurrent Energy to the EPC (general contractor), Owner's Engineer, Independent Engineer, Local Jurisdiction, community members and other Owner consultants, and is accountable for the EPC's daily operations on the site. In addition to representing Recurrent Energy, the Construction Manager will be responsible for daily and weekly reporting on the construction of the facility. This reporting includes a detailed analysis of work performed versus expectations, material deliveries and safety incidents on site. The Construction Manager prepare progress reports on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. In addition to reporting, the Construction Manager will be responsible for monitoring the EPC's compliance with the QA/QC plan and safety plan.  The Construction Manager will be a key player in the Weekly EPC meetings as well as the daily site meetings. The Construction Manager will also provide validation of the EPC's Monthly report and pay application requests. The Construction Manager will report directly to the Home Office Project Manager and Director of Construction Management. This position is located in the panhandle of Texas.

Core Responsibilities:
Employees in the Construction Manager position should expect to perform the following essential functions during the Project life cycle. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform them.
The Construction Manager does not direct the means and methods of the EPC contractor in performing the obligations of the EPC  The Construction Manager shall have direct access to the EPC and its entire project team with the ability to ensure that the schedule milestones are being met, production is as planned, environmental compliance is being adhered to, quality procedures are in place, and the EPC is constructing the site in a safe manner.

The Construction Manager shall be responsible for scheduling the Owner's Engineer's site review team and ensuring the OE has access to the EPC's management and documentation. If issues are raised by the OE while on site, the OE shall work directly with the Construction Manager to resolve the issue. It is customary that the OE will alert the EPC's field team if a quality issue arises, but it is the responsibility of the Construction Manager to directly work with the EPC to resolve the issue.
The Construction Manager will communicate directly with the EPC's site team and management. The Construction Manager will also directly communicate with the Owner's Engineers field representative to coordinate work. The communication with the EPC shall be in accordance with the provisions in the EPC contract.
The Construction Manager shall engage with external stakeholders (Interconnection Utility, PPA offtake, AHJ officials, etc...) and regularly connect with Customer Representatives, Customer Contractors, and Project Managers.
Safety reviews with Customer Representatives and Contractors, Subcontractors.
Works with Customer project managers to update the scheduled work on a daily, weekly basis. Review schedules and manage logistics of customer and contractor materials arriving to site.
Responsible to manage and control project P&L

Participates in All-Hands Safety Meetings, Lead safety calls, and remote conference calls.
Serves as the Renewables Safety Compliance Example in all Field Activities
Work with customer managers and logistics to determine and schedule safety or technical certifications and training needing to be taken or renewed.
Support Safety Division when Near Misses and Incidents occur.
Revenue Growth:


Works in conjunction with the Business Development team to review scopes, prepare and respond to requests for proposals.
Tracks budgets and advise project leadership regarding needed adjustments.
Assists with reviewing scope documents and manuals to determine accurate and approved documentation.

Personnel Decisions:
Understands the specialties, technical capabilities, and availability of contractors and subcontractors, along with job scope requirements. Makes recommendations for project placement.
Keeps internal competency model up to date.
Understands business priorities and make recommendations for resourcing across competing project deadlines.
Financial Reporting:

Responsible for ensuring time and cost estimates are up to date, run reports, create, and maintain reporting dashboards for owner.
Works with internal team to ensure accurate and timely invoicing.
Track budgets and advise project leadership regarding adjustments or change orders.


15+ years of experience in construction management preferable in the renewable energy sector
Strategic thinker – recognizes project delays, identify critical path to meet project schedule and budget.
Strong organizational and project management skills: can manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment.
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Microsoft Office proficiency, Project Management software
Extensive knowledge of the renewable energy industry and current industry best practices
Willing to manage tasks outside normal job scope as needed


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